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Amethyst is usually one of the first crystals a new collector obtains. It was, in fact, the first crystal I purchased when I started learning and loving crystals. Besides, it's my birth stone for February.

Amethyst also represents the celebration of a 6th wedding anniversary representing a calmness as a couple moves through the upcoming year.

Amethyst It is well equipped with energy to add calmness and grace to your life. This crystal is also very protective. Say if you are having bad dreams or suffering from insomnia, place amethyst under your pillow or place a piece next to your bedside for a more peaceful nights sleep. The beautiful deep purple of the stone alone is calming and is itself a natural tranquilizer. An amethyst crystal cluster set in the open is the best way to receive the energies as the points of the cluster will emit soothing vibrations in all directions in your room.

Charging your crystal can be done several ways. You can place it in the light of a full moon, place it on a selenite bowl or charging plate, or bury it in a bowl of brown rice for 24 hours. Another way is to burn sage and envelop your crystal in the smoke for at least 30 seconds. The reason you cleanse your crystals is to rid them of any potential negative energy especially if they have been handled by others or given to you as a gift.

Because Amethyst vibrates at such a high frequency, it is a powerhouse of well being. Carry amethyst in your pocket or wear it as jewelry as you go through your day and it will help you make wise decisions, help eliminate emotional confusion and protect you against negative energy and thoughts. (Including your own!)

The beauty of the amethyst has been celebrated for thousands of years. The word Amethyst actually comes from a Greek word meaning "intoxicate." Ancient Greeks utilized Amethyst as a guard against drunkeness. in fact one would often see their wine goblets encrusted or created out of amethyst! Medieval soldiers would often wear amethyst amulets for protection and calm thinking as they rode into battle.

This member of the quartz family comes from places all over the world like Brazil, Bolivia, Uruguay, Zambia, Russia, Mexico, the US and Canada.


Be sure to keep your amethyst out of the sun, water or exposed to heat for any length of time as these elements tend to fade the color of your crystal.

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