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Fluorite is one amazing crystal. It comes in all sorts of colors and combinations of green, blue, white, yellow, red, purple and pink among others. It is considered to be the most colorful crystal in the world.

Did you know that fluorite is also used in the manufacture of steel, opalescent glass, enamels for cooking utensils and high performance telescopes and camera lenses?

It has a hardness scale of only 4, so it makes this crystal very easy to incorporate into other items.

With that fun fact out of the way, let's talk more about the effects that fluorite can have in your life. This crystal not only encourages positivity, but improves balance (physically and mentally) as well as help to boost your immune system, particularly in the areas of skin and breathing. Fluorite also helps with confidence, self love and joy.

Fluorite also helps you connect with your deeper feelings so you can decide what you really want in your life. Fluorite is also known as the genius stone because it enhances mental clarity and brings a new spiritual energy. It's kind of like spring cleaning for your mind and soul helping to flush out toxic thoughts or behaviors such as addiction. If you are suffering from arthritis or other bone/joint issues, this is the crystal for you.

Fluorite comes from the Latin word, "flux" meaning its ability to flow in flux and harmony.

Want to check if your fluorite is real? Typically, fluorite will glow under ultraviolet light and show tiny scratches. In fact, the word "fluorescent" comes from the word Fluorite because of its UV abilities.. Fake fluorite doesn't glow with UV light and can have bubbles instead of scratches. It will also be lighter than real flourite. If it doesn't scratch, it more than likely glass or plastic.

Fluorite is the birthstone for Capricorns who often get overwhelmed by thousands of thoughts flying through their minds all the time. Thankfully this crystal calms the mind and gives Capricorns, especially, some time to chill. Fluorite is also a great crystal for

Pisces because it will help the emotional one to roll with the flow.

Rainbow fluorite attracts pure joy. Green fluorite attracts prosperity and intimacy as well as soothing heartbreak. Purple fluorite is good if you want recognition and to feel valued.

The easiest way to clean fluorite is to let it charge in either sunlight or moonlight. You can also burn sage and let the smoke engulf your crystal for 30 seconds.


Because fluorite is so soft and water soluble, it is NOT a good idea to put it into water.

Your crystal could actually dissolve and turn your water cloudy. Saltwater is especially dangerous, so don't take it to the beach! Leaving this crystal in even moon water would cause it to lose some of its strength. If you do put it in moon water, make sure its only for a few minutes, then make sure to wipe it completely dry with a soft cloth.

It the crystal absorbs too much water, it will become brittle and may chip or crack.

Fluorite in your bath could cause skin irritations when it reacts with soap or other bath additives, so just don't do it. Fluorite also scratches easily, even by a penny or piece of glass.

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